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Scuba Diving



How many days are required to Do Scuba Diving in Andaman? Now, if you are a beginner and want to experience diving for fun then half a day is enough to complete your diving. Make sure your slot is booked in advance. The above diving programs for Non Swimmers or Beginners will be completed in half a day. However, if you are looking into going for advanced courses then minimum of 4 days till 30 days may be required just to complete the course.

What is Included in Our Diving Program? Your Scuba Diving contains All gears, training, guide, photos and videos.

What quality Standards are maintained? Andaman Island follows all professional standard of PADI and SSI.

Who accompanies us underwater? A Dive Master accompanies you underwater.

Scuba diving is the greatest action on the Andaman & Nicobar Isles other than relaxing around and tasting the delicacy of seafood. The best year for diving in Andaman & Nicobar Isles is from Nov to April. However, one can indulge in a diving experience all through out the year. This is one activity in Andaman, that is operational through out the year. One can see the amazing sea life among the world of awesome water bodies, vibrant fish and awesome corals.


We do not recommend scuba diving to people with high or low hypertension, pregnant women, heart patient, and others who are under regular doctors advise. You may check with your doctor before availing Scuba Diving. In India the experience is a serious business with certification of various levels for the scuba divers. Moving on the steps with route and dedication you can increase from being a beginner scuba diver to a master.

Andaman is absolutely wonderful in terms of its diving experience, and we will educate you where to get indulge in your diving experience during your period of stay in the islands.

scuba diving in andaman



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